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The CPU is another possible cause of slow performance in your Mac. You should close any program which uses excessive CPU. In the Activity Monitor then click the “X” button under the icons. If you’re not certain which apps are taking up too much CPU power, try doing a Google search on the apps. It should provide you with a pretty good idea of the apps that are making your Mac to be slow.

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We develop Applications running on a robust, secure and scaleable system

Mobile Apps

User Experience

VIsual Design

App Development

Our Process

We focus on developing application easily adaptable to different verticals


We create business apps tailored to your requirement


We create business apps tailored to your requirement


Our industry experts would help you with the solutions to problems in your business processes


Our industry experts would help you with the solutions to problems in your business processes


Customizable and scalable apps, however/whichever your business demands


Customizable and scalable apps, however/whichever your business demands


Finally we implement your system and provide usage training


Finally we implement your system and provide usage training

Bring your Educational Institute under our ARC

ArcApps Educational Module hekps you manage your entire educational institute from admission to assessment

Student Data

A single source of all student data regarding students, guardians, courses, etc.


Manage your entire Admission procedure through ArcApps Admission Management. You can enable the whole process online with online payment gateway integration


Manage Student, Teacher, Staffs attendance with seamless hardware access control integration and on a simple dashboard

Cashless Payment

Introducing cashless transaction system for the cafeteria, library, stationary stores, etc. with our intuitive system.

Course Scheduling

Manage all the courses, teachers, student enrollment on courses from a single platform

Fee Collection

Collect Fees online or offline and track all your earning and expenses from a single portal

Bring your Retail Store under our Arc

ArcApps can help you manage your shop or multiple shops with a web-based PoS with integrated inventory and accounting

Point of Sale

ArcApps PoS helps you manage your store checkout easily with integrated billing and inventory


Our full-fledged inventory module will help you manage, track your inventory along with the procurement process

Billing and Payments

Track all things financial from billing, purchases and payments 

Items and Variants

ArcApps Item Management helps you create and manage your manufacturing process items and variants.

Batches and Serial Numbers

With built-in support for batched and serialized inventory, make your business management simpler

HR and Payroll

Manage your employee data, payroll, leave and attendance, expense claims, everything from a single portal

Bring your Manufacturing Unit under our Arc

ArcApps Manufacturing module helps you manage your manufacturing process right from procurement to shipping finished goods.

Bill of Materials

Manage multi-level Bill of Materials and Operations, the blueprint of your Manufacturing System.

Production Plan

Make Production Plans based on Sales Order or internal requirements and track operations.

Work Order

Issue and Track Work Orders for and plan time and material for each work order accordingly from a single portal

Items and Variants

ArcApps Item Management helps you create and manage your manufacturing process items and variants

Batches and Serial Numbers

With built-in support for batched and serialized inventory, make your business management simpler

Quality Inspection

Keep track of quality inspections done for purchased materials and also for finished goods.

Send Us Your Query

Thank you for your interest in ArcApps. Fill out the form and describe us your needs, requirements, specifications, etc. completely. Our team will get back to you shortly after analyzing your needs and relevant ArcApps solutions for you.

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